Does this sound familiar?

  • You have tried to apply law of attraction to your life or biz in the past and it didn't work so you now think either you are a failure or law of attraction is garbage
  • You have big dreams but feel stuck
  • You don't feel happy or connected with your life and are desparate for a change
  • You want so much more out of life but feel like nothing has been working out for you
  • You have all the outside "things" but the inside still feels a bit empty
  • You are tired of bully coaching and bro coaching that feels like you are forcing it and pushing a wet noodle up a hill. 
  • You are ready to be HAPPY NOW
  • You are ready to create a life you love on your own matter what

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What can you expect?

  • Daily group meditations
  • LIVE Masterclasses covering topics like EFT, Ho'oponono, Chakra Energy Centers, Crystals, Building an audience on Instagram, Creating NOW Business with Facebook Video, and the list goes on. 
  • My signature ALIGN program taught weekly
  • Weekly book club on whatever book we decide to read at the time. . 
  • Early access and promos to all Rebecca Hamilton Coaching events and new program launches
  • A community centered around expansion in all ways.
  • and more!!!


Plus you will be part of the private Alignment Hackers Facebook Comminity where you will have access to me (daily) and other amazing people on the same journey as you!

What people are saying...

I can't thank you enough...

Dawn Loding, EXP Realty

I can’t thank you enough for sharing this priceless information with me. I’ve searched for the answer for years on how to feel better. I can honestly say this information has not only saved my marriage but made it exciting again! My mental state is improving daily. I thought I was positive but realized I hadn’t connected all the dots. My bank account is also growing from applying all this information to my business as a Realtor. My whole life has been changed forever. Thanks a million. You are the best alignment guru ever.

Just what I needed

Sarah Babros

Align is exactly what I needed at this point in my life and my career in Real Estate. I've spent so much time and money on trying different programs, each I tried to force myself to believe that they would work or it was the answer on how I was suppose to be successful. But that's where I went wrong. That's where a LOT of agents go wrong. Trying to force the outside to work so that the inside is content and satisfied. But it doesn't work like that. Y'all. It's about aligning your energy with what you want and then letting the Universe work it's magic. It's about getting sure in your shit and not letting anything or anyone tell you otherwise. It's about working on the inside and then the outside will just come. Thank you Rebecca. Thank you for your insight, your realness, your humor and for the freedom I have embraced while taking your course.

Exactly what I needed!

Sherry Mason

I would highly recommend Rebecca’s Align Course! Not only is she highly knowledgeable in LOA, she is able to simplify the process for a better understanding no matter what level of LOA you practice. She provides the tools needed, as well as webinars and Q & A sessions which are very helpful with the learning process. She is charismatic, genuine, and very engaging! Honestly, It’s one of the best courses I have ever taken that’s helped me personally and professionally. Do yourself a favor and sign up for this course!….I promise it will be one of the best decisions made in your life. Thank you Rebecca for being you! I am grateful to be a part of your world!

Right where I needed to be!

Becky Sellers

I stumbled upon Rebecca’s course by chance and I have come to realize that it was right where I needed to be to get my mind and life in the right place. I connected with her in an instant, her humor and expertly deep knowledge ( and experience) with LOA came together for me and I am learning and applying so much! She doesn’t hold back her process of how she applies what she knows, and is always will to answer any questions you may have. She’s a phenomenal teacher and I feel encouraged and most importantly, I’m growing and changing due to her program! You have to do the work, but when you do, amazing results follow!